About Advertising

Try to answer the question: what do I do in the elevator?

How do you react to the explosion of bright in the monotonous atmosphere of your elevator?

Your advertisement, placed on an aesthetic medium of A1 format and protected by plexiglass, will easily attract attention.

Cheer up! or try to focus on the monotonous elevator car.

What do you think? where are your thoughts how do you use the visit time you have to wait for?

Use the time to your advantage, learn something new web , get the information you need from pleasure of having time for it.

Let’s talk about time ..

It takes less than 1 second to subconsciously perceive information, and 10 seconds to think about the content of an appeal.

Every day, the residents of the houses make at least 2 trips in the elevator, which takes an average of 52 seconds of their precious time.

Almost a minute of 100% attention! Try to imagine that it belongs to you.

So what are we better than others?

For you, we have combined the benefits of other types of advertising:

audience coverage and brightness of the press image visit https://themarketingheaven.com/, which gives the client the opportunity not only to see but also to remember /

  • write information
  • repeatability and frequency of contact between billboards and city lights
  • You have the advantage of direct mail, choosing a potential customer yourself at his address entertainment

And now get ready for a surprise ..

The cost of such a request may cost you less than 5 cents per contact.

So what are you thinking about now?

Don’t waste time. Call us.

Get attention!

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